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Precision Hangers

Preserves all your Sweaters, Knits,Shirts, Blouses, Jackets and Coats without any dimples or creases. Finally there is a solution.

Our Aluminum and Slimline wood hangers take up less space than other curved and rounded end Suit Hangers.

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Love Your Clothes? Show It with Precision Hangers

Avoid dimples, creases and permanent damage to your wardrobe by using Precision Hangers that don’t just store your clothes but helps preserve them as well. Our garment hangers are quite simply, the very best size and shape for hanging suits, jackets, coats, sweaters, knits, polos, blouses, dresses and other delicate items.

Made from high quality anodized aluminum and now our new Beech Wood Designs, have rounded tops which prevent creases while the Patented "D" shaped bend prevents Shoulder Bumps. They’re specifically designed to protect the integrity and shape of fine garments made of natural fabrics and stylish weaves, while allowing all your clothes to hang naturally.

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